Transform Your Life Through Coaching

60-Minute Coaching - $125*

Tailored to Your Specific Concern​

Transition (Signature) Coaching - 6 Weeks (6 Hours)  $697*

Week 1 - Overview 

Identify your goals - Where are you feeling stuck, etc. 

Weeks 2 through 5 

Review and align on a path forward to achieve your agenda.  Touch on goals and progress.  Contact me between sessions as needed for support to maintain momentum or fine tune. 

Week 6 - Wrap-Up

Assess, Future Goals

BARE Program Coaching​​ - 8 Weeks (8 Hours)  $997

         Learn, Personalize and Apply all of the BARE Program Principles to your life

  1. Environmental Detox

  2. Pleasure 

  3. Sweat

  4. Attentive Eating

  5. Closet Detox

  6. Thought Work

  7. Make A Scene 

  8. Recap - Forward Planning​​​​

*non-refundable payment due upon scheduling